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Apple Watch Charging Dock With Stand By Griffin

From £11.99
Griffin Charging Dock for Apple Watch - Black
Compatible Devices: Apple Watch
Brand:      Griffin
Colour:       Black
Type:        Wireless
  • You can charge Apple watch on this wireless charger
  • Molded base also holds iPhone, angled for easy viewing
  • Holds your Apple Watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges
  • Excess cable length stores away inside Watch Stand's post
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    Tripod Mobile Phone & Camera Holder Stand

    From £10.49

    Tripod Mobile Phone & Camera Holder Stand | Black

    Brand: Tripod Support
    Colour: Black
    Type:  Tripod

    About this item

  • Easily Adjusts to an even level on a curvy surface.
  • This amazing tripod lets you take the perfect photo anywhere you go.
  • The adjustable legs will remove any shaking from your photos and videos.

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    VD Universal Portable Mobile Phone Stand Desktop Holder Table | White

    From £10.49
    VD Universal Portable Mobile Phone Stand Desktop Holder Table - White
    Compatible Devices: All Android and IOS Devices
    Brand:      Ven Dens
    Colour:       White
    Type:       Mobile Holder
  • Anti-shock and anti-scratching.
  • Offers a secure grip due to the rubber pads.
  • Simply fold it and put away, super portable and lightweight.
  • Offers multiple viewing angles, just adjust the multi-angle neck.


    An overview of the best Mounts and Holders we offer online

    As the leader in in-car connectivity, RefurbishedPhones4u uses its extensive knowledge and product selection to help you find the one that fits your preferences. We put driver safety at the front of everything we do, which is why we have a full line of car phone holders that let you use your phone while in the car without compromising your safety. Explore our extensive array of car phone holders, including dashboard, windscreen, coaster, headrest, vent, and wireless charging options, designed to make your journey in the car more comfortable and safer. The phone mount allows you to make and receive calls without fear of damage. You can also do other tasks with the phone easily.

    Get The Best Mounts & Holders - UK

    Whether you're using your phone for navigation or as a dock, you can keep your phone safe in your car with these Genuine Universal Vehicle Docks from RefurbishedPhones4u. All mobile phones can be held by the officially designed car holder. Whenever your phone is in your car, our mobile phone holders can be attached to the dashboard or windscreen. They fit almost all kinds of phones. Additionally, it offers seamless 360-degree movement. 

    Invest In The Best Mounting And Holding Device

    The Car Holder lets you see your phone easily while you're driving. Thanks to its technology, the holder automatically adapts for an extremely secure, tight, and solid grip.

    Refurbishedphones4u offers the Soft holder grip

    In addition to its soft-cushioned grip, our phone holder features a soft cushioning on the top to secure your phone and keep it safe. Your phone won't move as you go over bumps while it's firmly gripped. Additionally, this soft cushioning makes your phone scratch-resistant.