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Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Cable and Adapter


Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB Data Cables & Adapter

Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB to USB cable can connect directly to your computer or laptop for easy charging and data syncing. It may be used with any USB power adapter. such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, 5W Adapter – for fast charging. Most of the new cables ship with extra charges but we provide free delivery. This Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB cable works with all the latest Samsung Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB power Adapters are high quality– for fast charging. We provide fast charging adapters for consumer electronic applications offering AC/DC with high/low voltages, selectable voltage, or variable outputs starting at 4V through to 48V. This Power Adapter does not affect the varying voltages, as it reduces high voltages to normal voltage.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB Fast Charging Data Cable

These Samsung Galaxy S5 cables are exactly the same as you would have received with your Samsung Galaxy S5 device or purchased from the Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB store – just at a fraction of the cost. The Samsung Galaxy Store retails this cable at high prices. RefurbishedPhones4U price for the Cable is very affordable. Exactly the same product minus the retail packaging and most of the cost!

We don’t sell fake or counterfeit products and have built up an excellent reputation over the years as a retailer you can trust. Please check out our verified reviews on Trust Pilot and Google. This Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB cable is an official Samsung product.

  • Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB Cable
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB Cable with 8 Pin Connector
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB Cable Length - 1m
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro USB charger Cable

Samsung Galaxy S5 -Power Adapter

Is your Power adapter charging slow? Do not worry! We will provide you Samsung Galaxy S5 power adapter which will charge your Samsung Galaxy S5 faster than normal ordinary charging adapters. As with the vast majority of our stock.  All our accessories stock is verified and we never sell faulty/copied goods.  We have a Google Trusted Store and base our business and reputation on this fact.  We also have a very good Trust Pilot review and are among the UK's most trusted mobile accessory retailers.